Coastal Art - Giclee' reproductions of my original watercolors printed onto planked
birch boards.The pictures on this page come in these sizes:                                          
                     30" x 40"- $275            l          25" x 34"- $175
                     18" x 24"- $120             l          14" x 20"-  $ 90.
                     12" x 16" - $ 55.             l            9" x 12" - $ 30 (unplanked)
                     TEXT CAN BE PERSONALIZED or REMOVED COMPLETELY.              
.    BIRDS -EYE VIEW                BAYFRONT                   BAREFOOT                   NEW PASS                      ST,ARMANDS
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         WELCOME!!!  On these pages you will see examples of my coastal-themed watercolor paintings. They
           are shown here as giclee'-printed on planked wood boards, but are also available giclee'-printed  
           on  paper or wrapped canvas.The text shown is customizable, allowing you to choose your own wording, or
           to remove the text completely.Some of my original paintings are also available and, I sometimes accept                    commissions as well. Please inquire, if interested.        
BEACH TRIO:            ,Scene 1                                      Scene 2                                          Scene 3                 .